How to tell what was the date your DJI Equipment was manufactured

Here is a handy link to find out when your DJI Drone, Remote Control, Batteries were manufactured by using it’s Serial Number.


The serial number on the Batteries is under the QR Code in the bottom right hand corner, probably is the same on most of their equipment.

It can also be displayed under the battery setting section of Go4.
It’s probably displayed when connected to Assistant, too.
If you have a subscription to Airdata, the battery section will show it.

“Model: Phantom 4, build on: 29. March 2016”, so three-and-a-half years old. That must deserve a cake. I’ve had it since June.

I’ll have to feed my Phantom 2 serial numbers into it. LOL!

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Strange?, I have had a Phantom 4 since 2016, and it was bought new?, and, I still have it.
You may have bought it in June, but, was probably made when it says.
The shells are certainly that old.

Mine was a recent present from someone who had bought it new but hardly used it.

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tried the serial numbers off the batteries/remote?.

No, but I will now you come to mention it. I imagine tey have a finite lifespan.

Mine still charge perfectly after 3 years.
Providing you store them correctly and charge them, when required.

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My P2 batteries have been treated with respect at all times.
One became dead enough to not manage taking off after about 4 years. The other manages about 4 or 5 mins of flight.
No bulging or anything nasty. They just register as fully charged within a ridiculously short time - and voltages confirm they’re fully charged.
Likewise, after flight, voltages confirm they’re totally expired.


Strangely enough Dave, only charged my 2 x P2 batteries the other day.
Have not flown them for sometime though.
Must get it up in the air sometime soon.

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