How to upload drone videos to YouTube?

Thinking of uploading flight videos to you tube as a way of keeping them. Not sure how to go about it. I know videos are crap at moment but hoping to get better over time. just a little something to try. Any advice on what I should be doing would be appreciated.

Heres how to upload to youtube … you can set the video to private so only you can see them if you prefer for them not to go public, and yes. its a great free way to store your videos…


Cheers. Gonna make them public so people can critic them. Always open to constructive criticism.

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Are you using an apple or android device?
If apple, you can always use the free app called iMovie to edit, add titles and music as well as other effects, importantly, it’s simple to use and adds a little touch to your vids/photos.

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I’m using Android. The Huawei p20 pro. Any good apps etc for that?

I miss the old YouTube editor. Allowed me to edit (basic) 4k video without having a high spec PC :cry:

I noticed that if you want to download a video you uploaded, it saves as an FLV file or something. Any problems with that?

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I do most video editing on my laptop with DaVinci Resolve (free version does more than enough to produce good videos), but when I’m out-and-about and want to do a quick edit on my Android device I use Power Director.

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Does it do 4k? Or is it too much to expect from a phone?

Do you have to buy add ons?

Not sure - and probably more than you’d want to do on the phone.
I’ve only used with the default 1080p video that it records on the fly to create something quick for social media … no never been that worried about 4k.

Edit: Actually - that info mentions 4k … so yes to that. However, very dependant on the power of the phone processer. Not sure I’d bother trying.

Knowing how high a spec desktop PC you need to edit 4K I’d be amazed if any phone could handle it in a reasonable way :confused:

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It’s almost a case that fiddling about editing video on a tiddly phone screen is beyond my brain’s ability to handle it in a reasonable way. :wink: