Huawei Ascend XT2 (wunderphone) [SOLD]

Having sold my drone I no longer need the excellent Huawei Ascend XT2 (knows as the wunderphone).

This Android phone has 16GB RAM plus micro SD card slot and a lovely bright 5.5” display and runs the DJI Go app perfectly (no lag). This phone is unlocked so can be used on any network (if required, or use without a SIM and avoid any unwanted in the field updates).

Complete with original box and a slip case. In excellent unmarked condition (either on the chassis or screen).

Will post within the UK only. £80 posted by Special Delivery.

Did you import it? Was thinking of importing one when there was all the hype.

Yes, it was imported, I couldn’t find one in the UK.
Thanks, James


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I know… only had the Pro 2 for a few weeks and could just see it wasn’t going to get used due to the normal reasons of family commitments and getting harder to find nice places to fly without getting hassled and therefore having a lot of cash tied in it that I could put to better use.

I think has only 2gb RAM and 16gb storage?

Enough as a dedicated device for Go4 and nothing else, though.

Yes 2gb RAM, 16GB sorage and a micro SD card slot!

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Is this still available?

Sorry sold, this was well over a year ago…