Hubsan X4 AIR H501S

Does anyone else own a Hubsan X4 AIR?

What do you ask?

I used to own a H501SS

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Hi TassyWass,
Thanks for replying.

Just what to watch out for, strengths failings etc.
Ie mine came without a prop guard which seems dangerous and silly.
Just that kind of stuff.

Forgot to ask TassyWass,
Do I need insurance before I fly it!
If I decapitate a cat can I be sued!

Though I have just ordered rota guards so I should safe … or ‘safer’

You don’t need insurance to fly it. You should be trying it out in an open field when there aren’t many people around. Just start up the motors and take it up and down a couple of times to get a feel.

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Best way to learn a drone is try to hover and keep it in the same place. You do that and it will go a long way in helping you to control it without assisted modes.

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Thank you notveryprettyboy,

I’ll try that.

Thank you TassyWass,
The video you sent was perfect.
Much better than the one’s I could find.
None of the others pointed out checking the motors first.

With appreciation