Hubsan X4 camera date


New to all this and had my first flight this morning. Sadly rain interfered but can’t wait to get back out.

My question regards the time stamp on the photos and videos I captured. When I transferred them they all show 1 January 1980 which is definitely living in the past!

Has anyone countered this before and what do I do to correct this?


You must have an onboard clock mate that needs setting!? Know nothing about the husban I’m afraid but telecoms/IT that’s pretty much the default starting date of any computer system til you set the time. Maybe look in the manual on how to clock?


The dash cams have the same problem.
This may be your answer, I seem to recall a time text file has to be copied to the SD Card.


Thanks but nothing in the manual about this!
I understand where you’re coming from though and this will be part of the answer I’m sure.


Will have a look at the weekend!
Thank you.