HUBSAN Zino Mini pro v Mini2

Just seen this

Mini2 killer or wishful thinking :man_shrugging:t2::thinking:


Could be very interesting or vapourware? Hope it’s genuine, DJI need a kick sometimes.


Haha may see a Mini 2s in the pipeline then lol #jest

I Had a Hubsan before not a zino tho and yes although not bad. I dont think this will be any where as good as a dji. The specs look good but from my older Hubsan used to want to fly away easy at times and there’s lots of people’s that do and Hubsan after care of any problem is well crap. I’ll stick with the dji mini 2 thanks.

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This is interesting…

Pre-orders now available in the US:

40 minute flight time claimed.
Some obstacle avoidance.
No SD card slot?!

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Interesting but not convinced by the lack of SD slot. I’ll reserve judgement until the inevitable rush of YouTube reviews.


Price seems really good?

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I had a Hubsan Zino Pro before buying my MA2. The difference in quality and performance is huge and it would take a quantum leap in a number of areas for the Hubsan Mini to perform as well as a DJI product in my opinion. For the cost, they’re probably one of the best of the rest, but I think the only real competition for the Mini 2 would be from Autel, if they decided to enter the sub 250g market. My opinion obviously. Happy to be proven wrong.


@Mouldy has raised a very good point. When Hubsan released the original Zino many of the usual Youtube Influencers ( :laughing: ) shilled it as a “Mavic Pro Killer (?)”, as they did with any drone that had folding bits. If you search Youtube for the Zino Mini you’ll come across the same kind of titles even before it’s hit the Chinese Box Shifters.

And that leads to the second point. Hubsan don’t have the same distribution network that DJI has. You will see plenty on eBay and the Chinese Box Shifters, possible a few from smaller independent model shops (ModelSport near me sell a couple of Hubsan quads), but it’s very unlikely you’ll see them from the likes of Argos, Curry’s PCWorld, Jessops. and similar mainstream shops.

It maybe cheaper but that will probably be because the components used will be of a lower quality than DJI use. This doesn’t make it a bad product but there will have to be compromises if Hubsan intend to compete with DJI on price and still sustain a profit. I see Hubsan are now offering Hubsan Care, similar to DJI’s Care Refresh.


Will we have to ship to China? Or do they have centres in the EU?

The repair / service of non DJI drones is a big concern to me, it’s the main reason I demanded a refund for my Autel Evo 2. Loved that drone but when it developed a fault I got to thinking how to deal with this. I didn’t want to be left with £1800 worth of drone that I had to send across the pond to get fixed. Bad enough sending a DJI to the Netherlands for warranty service.

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You need a better retailer :wink:


+1 for Amazon eh? :blush:

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Or even heliguy (other retailers available) and their zero excess refresh.

It was Amazon that I got the Evo from and they did refund me, but I got a slightly sarcastic email from them suggesting I didn’t understand their refund policy! Did point out to them that I was sold faulty goods and they had a legal duty to refund. That went unanswered :joy:


I’ve just brought the Autel Evo II and selling my Air 2 … What did you think of the Evo??

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Now at Hobby Mounts

  • Weighs just 249g
  • Upto 40min flight time
  • 3-way Obstacle Detection
  • GPS and Glonass Satellite Acquisition
  • 1/1.3 inch CMOS Sensor
  • 6x Digital Zoom
  • Full HD Video Transmission at 30 frames per second
  • Record video at upto 4K/30fps with 48M Pixel Photos
  • Up to 200Mbps Video Bitrate
  • Built-In Memory (64GB)
  • AI Tracking Mode
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I’ve had a Zino mini 2 Pro for a month or so, only had a couple of flights but is fun. Bit fiddly compared to the Evo II pro, but the image quality is good especially for the size and weight. It does appear to be a bit temperamental with sat locks etc. and having to wait or turn it to allow you to take off, it’s a bit like going back to my old 3DR Solo.