Hubsan Zino Pro upload No. 8

Hi all, posting up my first video to the forum. Its a 4k 30 fps from a Hubsan Zino Pro. Still learning about flying/filming/editing. LOL (that much is obvious)

All advice courteously received…!


Nice one Akin.
Enjoyed that. Looking forward to more, lovely setting there

Cheers Micky, yep, aim to post more. Weather/work dependant…

Which drone do you fly?

Very impressed with the camera on this drone!

Thought I’d have a quick look at the price as I wasn’t sure how much cheaper it was than the Mavic Mini.

  • £10 shipping


If I needed a drone I’d be all over this.

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That is the Original Zino, mine is a minor update of that one Zino Pro. Some still swear by that original model. Cheap, 4k, 3 axis gimbal. Great starter drone​:+1:t5::sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply :ok_hand:t5::blush:

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is this on banggood i cant get that price do you have a link please

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Me too. :+1:

Just cast it to the TV and it looks brilliant.

Really sharp and smooth.

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Whats the difference with the Pro? That screenshot had PRO in the title. I thought the pro was like the ‘fly more combos’ from DJI.

Edit - Just checked, you’re correct, that wasn’t the Pro.

Yes, Banggood. Went back to get the link and it looks like their site is playing up. If you switch between CN and HK the price changes to £249. When added to the cart, it changes to £336 :man_shrugging:

Hi Akin
I’ve got a Mavic 2 Zoom with Smart Controller and a Matrice 600 Pro at the moment.
Not managed to find a reasonable camera for the Matrice yet though.
Love the size of the Matrice, but not very portable

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thanks i will keep looking, i have found a store near me that will do zino pro and 2 batterys for £340 so might just go for that one.

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That looks a good price, a lot of drone for the money.
Let us know how you get on if you buy it.
Might even try one myself at that price

Not a bad price at all. If you are just starting you might want to consider the Mavic Mini. If you live somewhere windy you will need to unconsider it… It seems to be a great little drone that does everything but cope with high winds… Even small enough to fly indoors.

I am enjoying the Zino. It appears their quality control can be dodgy, but I have been lucky with mine as have many. :blush::+1:t5:

Good grief, I thought the DJI inspire was a bit of a beast!

Might I ask what you use the Matrice for? I assume some commercial application… Delivering livestock perhaps​:blush::joy:

Remarkable machine…!

Don’t use it for anything.
Saw it for sale, very little use.
Was a bargain, so took the plunge.
It’s a bit of a bugger to lug about though. Hopefully will pick up a decent camera for it at a reasonable price one day.

That’s a good price especially as it’s from a local place. I’d go for it.