Hullbridge to Wallasea by mountain bike

This is my latest video, it’s been far too long since the last one!

Following on from this thread, I have been wanting to try creating a video to a brief, rather than my usual approach of turning up to a location and taking what I can get. Like commercial work, but without getting paid. :laughing:

The idea I came up with was to travel the length of the river Crouch, well from Hullbridge to Wallasea Island, which according to maps should be doable as there is a continuous path along the flood defences. My plan was was to travel this path, which worked out to about 32km by bike, and stop off at points along the way to document the different locations and changes in scenery, and adding in a bit of active tracking along the way to show the journey.

Due to time constraints and part of the route being impassable it ended up taking two days, fortunately with very similar weather and starting the second day within half hour of the time I ended the first day, so maintaining consistent lighting throughout and giving the impression of a single journey.

All in all with the journeys to and from the start and end points I ended up covering 72km, but I think it was worth it.


Excellent work :grin:

Interesting what drone were you using ?

Thanks Mick!

I use a DJI mini 3 pro.

Okay thank you