Human error

So it turns out that it’s not impossible to mess up with a Typhoon H,

After it down on me on Monday, the guys at yuneec read through the data logs and put a 3D replay together… it turns out that I hit the wrong joystick… coursing the drone to doing and clip the ground…

Despite it being my fault the guys at Yuneec gave me a very generous discount on a new C23…

it’s been a very expensive week.

Please tell me I’m not the only one to trash a £900 camera in less than a month?


What happened Darren?

Did I miss something.

I was out for a flight, when the beast had what I thought was a funny turn… but it turns out it was human error…
Very expensive learning curve… good job I have a very understanding wife…

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Really sorry to hear that mate.

Glad you got it fixed.

I thought the landing legs came down when you were close to the ground. Guessing that’s not the case?

The legs only come down automatically on RTL.

It’s not a mistake I’ll make again :crazy_face:

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Did you happen to catch it on video?

No was just having a play around so didn’t have the camera on… :neutral_face:.

Did a really great job of spoiling a lovely camera…

Was planning on getting out early tomorrow and hopefully get a shot or two of the local lake…

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I think you might be :cry:

Would a repair not have been cheaper? But it’d have meant you’d be grounds for weeks on end :slightly_frowning_face:

Ouch! I hope it’s not long before you’re back in the air again.


I think he already is.

The benefit of having a service agent on your doorstep.

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Unfortunately it was beyond repair. I smashed the lens and snapped the gimbal…

I just feel lucky that the Yuneec guys charge me way less than the £900… but I really can’t afford to do it again…

But on the bright side. I’ve ordered a mantis q… when the next batch come in… :sunglasses:

And yes I’m back in the air… :blush:

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Sorry to hear about your “Misdemeanour” with the ground.
Glad to see your air borne again !
It can happen to the best of us !

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I’ve been ordered to point out that the Mantis Q is hers… :smirk:


Trust me I’m not in the league of the best…

But Daniel from the team at Yuneec spent loads of time teaching me helpful hints and tips…


Nice ,when you Customer help like that ! full marks Yuneec !

I cannot fault them. They really do give me a great service and really know their stuff…

I was considering a Dji for a 2nd drone. But want to stay with Yuneec because the product and service…

I am sure a lot of people on here will love to hear how you (I mean the Wife!) gets on with the Mantis Q

I’m not sure how long the wait is. But the wife assures me she will give a full report. But that’s once she snatched it back from me… :star_struck:

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I’m trying to resist googling what the Mantis Q is. :rofl:

I can!

Next time you’re in there, tell them to do me the courtesy of a reply to my email re a GADC club discount agreement :rofl:

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