Hungary / Budapest

Anyone flown in Budapest / Hungary?

Aware of EASA of course and the need to display the number on the drone.

However I also find the information on various websites inaccurate or old.

Some say fly freely, others indicate flights must be arranged in advance like Portugal.

Not aware of any topic here or examples covering Hungary so starting a new topic.

Has anyone flown in Budapest with the Mini 2. And if so did you need to register the drone?

I did some research.

First of all you will need to register with EASA.

However you also need to register with the Hungarian authorities. This was subject to a fee.

As most of Budapest appears to be restricted, I didn’t take the drone in the end.

Hi, Thank you.

I will probs my just leave the drone at home then. I don’t have a problem doing the test or paying for ID’s etc but if it’s largely restricted then that is a bigger issue.

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