Huwaei T3 8" tablet - any good

Morning all.
Does anyone have any experience of the above tablet?
I would like an Android device so I can use the FCC hack on my MA, I’m currently all IOS. Its £99 so I could afford to dedicate it to the Mavic. Any thoughts, experience?

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I remember a couple of posts about it and it might have been the case you had to use an older app.

I’ll try find them.

Ok, @scobo has one and it looks like it works up to version 4.1.9.

What android tablet are your guys using - #15 by scobo

You can force FCC on IOS but you need to roll back app and apply a config file.

More info here,

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Thanks Callum. It sounds like a bit of a palava, especially as you would have to do it again if you accidentally cancelled FCC mode.
The other reason for the tablet is that I can’t afford an iPad 4 mini, so thought the Huwaei would be a good bet.

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Yeah it will definately do the job on version 4.1.9 or below.

You lose a few features on the newer apps like panos and better colour on live display when shooting D-log.

I use 4.1.3 on IPad and it’s perfectly fine so 4.1.9 on the T3 sounds alright.

If you go for it, keep us updated.

Are you saying that the latest version wouldn’t run on the T3?

Sorry, just read the above link about video feed issues.

Yeah according to what I’ve read.

Things may have changed but that was the case previously.

Hi Ash, I sold my Mavic some time ago as I just wasn’t finding the time to use it as much as I would have liked and couldn’t justify hanging onto it considering how much it cost.
But I can confirm the T3 works very well with version 4.1.9 so long as you can live without the functions Callum mentioned.
Bare in mind it was the 7" version I was using although I don’t see any reason the 8" one wouldn’t work also.

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Thanks scobo. I’m doing a lot of surveying of Badger setts and, as such, the 360 pano function is very useful to show surrounding areas, so I really need to have the later software.

Just a thought …
There’s an app, Litchi, that can do 360 panos. It’s about £20 … but has loads of other functionality … mainly revolving around flying “missions”, but it does remove dependence on Go4 versions.
I have to confess that I’ve not used it for panos, as yet, even though I have the app.

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Thanks for confirming that Scott.

Hope your doing well mate.

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Not too bad Callum, cheers bud.
Not been on here in a while due to selling the Mavic.
Must admit though, the Mavic 2 looks a nice bit of kit. :smirk:

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Yeah, I caved in and ordered halfway through the live event lol.

You never tempted to get another?

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A lot of my time in the spring/summer is taken up with other pursuits.
If I could rely on better weather in the autumn/winter, I might be tempted to get back into it.
That was partly why I sold the Mavic. Hardly had it out the case between January and May due to the shit weather we had.

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