Hyperlapse Basics


I have never tried a hyperlapse before. But they look really good and I might have a bigger play with them.

However might give it a go for the annual competition.

One of the requirements (assuming I can find a subject!) is

  • Hyperlapse - time compression of at least 5 to 1

Is this the interval?

I see that I have interval, length and max speed.

I am assuming having a time compression of at least 5 to 1, means the interval has to be 5 or above?

Have I assumed correctly?

Apologies for the basic question!

Compressing five seconds into one - or fifty into ten, 150 into 30.

6 times the speed.

Some aircraft allow you to do this as a camera setting.

For extreme speed ups you can take a single still every x seconds then make them into a video at 24 or 40 frames per second.

Many, if not all, video editors allow you to change the speed of your snippet. This is one done in Resolve using “change clip speed”. Normally the speed is 100%, from memory this was 600% - close to the minimum 500% those swine of the Chall Com subject setting sonderkommando demand.

Thanks. That just looks like a speeded up clip rather than a hyperlapse?

But 6 times the speed, thanks.

I’ve done a couple of hyper lapses after watching this video. There’s an app that then converts it into a tilt shift which looks pretty good.

Given the Mini 2 doesn’t do hyperlapse vid oob, can timed shots be used? Like do a 5s interval then stitch it together somehow?

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Yes, any editing software can do this

Quickest and easiest way to get into it

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Thanks @milkmanchris I’ll give that a try … :slight_smile:

Hyperlapse doesn’t mean hyper speed. It’s a misleading term.

A timelapse shows a subject, speeded up and with the camera in a fixed position

A hperlapse is the same as a timelapse with the added factor of camera movement

It’s that simple:


ah okay - so it can be a speeded up video with movement (of the drone) rather than a large number of photos how the newer DJI drones would take them.

Both are hyperlapses?

All the information you need is in this thread. It is the final result that matters, not how it was achieved

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