Hythe Waterfront - Added to Coastal Scenery in South East

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 502

Hythe sits between the New Forest and Southampton Water. There are several locations in Hythe where a drone can be flown over the water. On an almost daily basis large cruise liners and container vessel can be filmed and photographed. As well as the smaller vessels and sailing ships. This is outside of the no fly zone for Southampton airport however the planes do fly directly over Hythe when going in to land there so height must be conservative. Some local drone flyers have managed some amazing aerial footage of Cunard and P&O ships. Loads of parking, mainly pay and display.


i live jusrt down the road from here there is also a abandoned powerstation down towrds cowshot the only problem is this whole area is a no fly zone becasue of a the built up area and southampton airport, but there are some amazing sences in cow shot what applys with all drone regulations, also i would be carfull with flying in the new forrest becasue it is agaisnt the bi laws just a heads up

There is no issue in Hythe, or thereabouts, from Southampton Airport.

The Southampton FRZ stops short of Woolston Bridge in Southampton…

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It does indeed - however south of there it would appear to have a 60m height restriction in DJI?

150m … should be enough?


But most of the cruise docks are 60m north of that point.

But the title of this thread is “Hythe Waterfront”.

In any case, the docks are to the west of the 60m limit.

Point taken :slight_smile: You are right re the title.

BTW Actually at least half the docks are in the 60m zone

You are moving goal posts …