I can see what I'm soldering now!

This thing magnifies really well. And connects to a pc for a bigger screen. Arms are 3d printed. Its a mustool 600.


35 quid

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With all those arms I started to read that as “35 squid”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its doc ock. Well £40 posted.


That’s a fair impressive gadget mate :+1:t2:

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Cheers man

Certainly got my attention . :+1:

Did my first soldering today a wee bit of a disaster, nobody mentioned I needed a hot Air gun for taken away a old usb port :cry: I used alot of flux and soldering iron with pinchers to remove and clear the holes but I made a hash of it, be ordering alot more flux as I love it :joy::joy:

@notveryprettyboy my magnifier goggles did a good job but definitely getting the mustool as it answer all my eye straining and a hot air gun and arms like your nice setup. :+1:

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That’s smart looking and very functional.