I crashed the Mavic

Well the drone crash gods payed me a visit today.
I took the Mavic out for a bit of fun, set everything up and put it around 20 ft in the air, I could not see a clear image on my iPad as the sun was shining.
I had a bright idea… dip my iPad , controller and head inside the car to see if I can see the screen.
On bending over I caught my finger on the decend stick… not watching the drone it smashes into a tree.
Gimbal total write off, battery no longer fits snug, props shattered and to top it off lost my Polar Pro ND filter.

Bad week this week… Laptop stolen, Apple Watch smashed, GoPro hero over heated and gave up life, broke my headphones and crashed the drone.

That’s got to be my fair share of bad luck.

Sorry to hear about all your mishaps. Be careful with the next gadget that you handle.

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@StevenPSCC That’s really harsh mate.

Did you have any insurance? Care refresh?

Bud that’s harsh I hope things improve a bit for you😀

Bloody hell mate :scream:

Sorry for your loss :slightly_frowning_face: I’d be devastated if I lost mine :cry:

What will you do? Repair? Replace?

I have the Back Me Up from before they pulled the plug on drones, Rang them they told me to send it to DJI for repair or replacement. Hopefully it’s covered.

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I don’t follow…

BackMeUp said that, with their intention being that they’ll foot the DJI repair bill?

Or because they’re not honouring their cover?

With them footing the bill

I uploaded a video of it:

Love the face palm preview :blush:

Thanks for sharing the story Steve.

Can you keep us posted with the repair process?

You know you’ll not get the same drone back from DJI, right? :cry:

Will do. And yes I thought it would be a referb

Received the quote from DJI cheaper than I was expecting €225
That’s for Gimbal and associated parts
Front right arm
Left rear arm
New props
And shipping

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That’s cheaper than they quoted me to do far less, even though the reason they had it for assessment was nothing to do with what they quoted me for.

“Pick a random number between 100 and 1000”

I think that questions asked a lot at the DJI service centre. They have probably made a game out it.


Probably relates to the size of their stock of replacement units.
It’s cheaper when they need to get rid of some. :wink:

Quite surprised with that quote. Hope you get it back fully working.

USUALLY, you don’t get your own one back. You get a replacement.
I guess all the damaged ones head back to China for rebuilds and as replacements for the future.

Anyone know how much exyra they charge for cross region repairs? Mine was bought from China and if I needed a repair I’d want it at the European repair centre.

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Any updates @StevenPSCC mate?