I guess I need a LOT more practise. Stick time

I was trying to do a ditch run, then do another ditch run at 90 degrees under some trees. But I just couldn’t get it right.
I reckon next time, after the first ditch, I’ll pitch down to climb, Pitch up 'till I’m vertical, roll 180, throttle to stop my momentum, roll 90 then drop while pitching back.
Any input is greatly appreciated!
With @Steviegeek. Hope them wings get sorted sharpish!



Your certainly getting better :clap: you’ll crack it soon. :smile:

(found issue with THEER wing, I mounted FC at 90deg. for convenience, not compensated it correctly in Ardupilot. Duh )

Knew you’d figure it out :+1: :+1:

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Looks pretty good to me!!

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Always impressed watching these types of video. Coordination reaction speeds etc. All impressive stuff.

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Your props are really noisy , and I think your tappets have gone. They started clicking half way through. Other than that looks like fun.

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