I popped my solo flight cherry!

So thanks to Chris’s expert teaching before I left for the US, I was able to fly my Mavic around in Houston, Dallas and Phoenix without making too many rookie mistakes and not binning it. Many thanks Chris!

Plenty of video footage to edit and see what I can make of my first few solo flights, but here’s a couple of photos to be going on with that I shot in South Mountain Preserve, just outside Phoenix. I could have got some even better photos and video from further up the mountain, but there wasn’t a lot of shade for my father in law to sit in while I played happy pilot.




@PaperCrane good on you bud i hope you enjoyed your first fllights and the pics are great, onwards and upwards as they say/:+1:

Wow it looks amazing, great stuff! I would love to fly in a place like that. Thanks for sharing, more would be most welcome :grinning:

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Thanks guys. It was a lot of fun to fly around there. I’ll post the video after I’ve edited a bit and maybe worked out how colour grading works. I’d never heard of it before buying the Mavic.

Stunning photos there Russell!

As @frogbmth said, more please :smiley:

Me neither… Nor had I ever heard of RAW photos before @RaRaRasputin enlightened me - and I’ve not looked back since :+1:

Glad @chrisjohnbaker was able to help you too, top man Chris :1st_place_medal:

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Thanks Pingspike !, that’s the only Medal I am likely to win !!.
just need some 25 yr old bird with big…Rotors to pin too my a ss now !!.
Seriously, glad PaperCrane had a awesome Holiday, looking forward to seeing the vids !.
Only to glad to be of help to my fellow drone flyers !!.
Just need a few more “Mavic Boys” from Norfolk and we will see if we can a arrange a Norfolk Meet Up… somewhere ?.
I have a lot of Farmer contacts in the area ,to see if I can get a large field for a day.