I think I am about to enter another dimension

So … It’s raining … again … more time indoors so I thought I’d post this ramble …

After reading a few posts and videos, I thought I’d purchase Litchi and give it a spin and check it out. What pushed me over was seeing the post about compatibility with crystalsky and availability on Amazon App store. It made me think I could use same technique to load on my Moverios which is also a ‘closed’ system, and wanted to check it out. Success! I don’t intend to plan missions on Moverios but may run pre-planned missions synced to them from my PC.

Not flown with it yet, did I mention it’s raining, but will post again when I do. I have high expectations. I think I am about to enter another dimension in this hobby which I wasn’t expecting when I bought the bird - it was all about having the FPV flight experience that I had always dreamed of.

I can already tell even without flying that Litchi will help me become a better pilot by planning better in advance from the comfort of my desk, help me understand the mechanics of the flight and photography, then capture some great footage and stills that people will want to see, instead of the random flying about stuff which I currently do which often makes me want to hurl.

I also came across Virtual Litchi Mission - an application that will allow you to simulate all aspects of you mission in Google Earth. It is amazing! If you have Litchi you must try it! Download at post #172 on this thread.

Running simulations in advance will allow you to fine tweak all aircraft, camera and POV settings. Verify distances and terrain altitudes (for obstacle avoidance) etc. and is actually really fun to do too if you can’t get out due to the weather (did I mention its raining).

Even if I end up flying the plan manually (Mavic Air is not yet supported) it is IMHO worth the time and investment using Litchi just as a planning tool even without using the flight modes. It will also provide more evidence that you have performed pre-flight diligence before you actually fly a location, if that ever needs to be contested.

Once a plan is saved it can be synchronized across all devices for access and execution everywhere. Once purchased from Amazon the can be loaded on all your Android devices (I have 3). Can’t wait for MA to be supported too.

**Tips in google Earth **
Double click the Virtual Mission icon to run the simulation.
right click on the WayPoints icon and select Show Elevation Profile.

This is probably all ‘old hat’ for veterans, but I continue to get blown away everyday discovering something new with this technology. They never imagined this on Tomorrow’s World.

Cheers Everyone and thanks for sticking with me if you made it this far.
Safe and Happy Flying. :grin:



David, didn’t realise you could simulate missions before running them. I’ll definitely download that. Cheers!

Thanks! As I mentioned this alone makes it a worthwhile purchase for me …

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Pity that it’s a Windows only piece of software for us Mac users.

Post #174 in thread quoted - VLM 2.0.0 (x64) works OK on a MacBook Pro 15,4” (i7 2.2GHz, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SD) running Windows 10 Pro via Boot Camp.

I am not a Mackie so can’t help further …

Thanks for that but I don’t want to reintroduce any Windows emulators on my Mac following previous issues doing so.

Virtual Machines are better than emulators. :wink:
Use those all the time for checking things.

You don’t need LMV to use google earth for waypoint planning and checking elevations etc as you will see in the last video. Not sure how you would generate a virtual mission for the fly-through simulation without LMV though.