I wonder if you would get a Mini 2 or not?


Would be a bargain if you did!

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A Canadian car registration plate with a lemon on it?

You’ve lost me…

I’d take the license plate frame over the Mini 2. :crazy_face:

The link is the link for the mini 2 in Amazon Canada - the images to the left are the Mini 2 and the feedback below is for the mini 2 - but the bits to the right are for the licence plate frame.

A bit confused!

Worth a shot, reckon you might turn out to look like a lemon though. :shopping: or at least looking at a lemon :lemon:

The worst thing about these kinds of ads is that they make me think of “ways to make money”.

I lust after a particular beer that’s in very low production figures in USA … and Googling it returns lots of ads for empty bottles at prices about 5x that of the beer normally.