iFlight ProTek25 Pusher

I saw this video, and thought this would be a really nice sub-250g FPV.
But can anyone advise where I can actually buy one? Or buy the parts?

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You can purchase one from HobbyRC here

BUT… be aware that you dont just need the quad, you will also need a controller, a set of goggles, batteries for the quad, controller and goggles, a decent charger for the batteries, antennas for the quad and goggles. If you want footage like the video you have posted you will want a decent HD camera like a GoPro to mount on the quad. Its a bigger financial investment than you probably think. Also worth noting that you will need to practice flying fpv in a simulator before you attempt to fly an fpv quad. Its a whole new ball game to operating a camera drone. You will probably crash quite a bit while getting used to flying it so will also need various tools and a bit of know how to repair your quad.

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I can vouch for that :grimacing:

Thanks. I’m really only pondering it at the moment.

Of course, after the initial months (years?) of frustration, misery and financial ruin it’s some of the best fun you can possibly have. So there is that. :laughing:

Apparently, it also attracts babes in thongs. :grin:

Not that there are many to be found in the wilds of Derbyshire.

What a job. Having an absolute blast with drones and hanging around with bikini models.
I’ve wasted my life.