I'm guessing there's not many playing DRL sim at the minute

9th on the leader board for one of this season’s maps, and still only 60th percentile which, if my maths is correct, means there’s only 15 people on the leader board in total. :laughing:

Have to say I’ve been enjoying it though.

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Heh I blew the ESC’s on my DRL SIM quads… shame enjoyed it too!

Can’t you virtually replace them :thinking:

I’m playin it in @BigDog mode. Never get more than 2 flights :pensive::pensive::pensive:

Try taking the stabilizers off that might help :wink::rofl:

1-nil to @BigDog

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What you talking about?

I not use gyro flow in my videos such as this?

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Think he just jealous I’ve got 3 vistas/links and an O3 air unit that still work!

So have I in DRL :man_shrugging:t3:

Come on dude turn of the sim take the stabilisers off and loose that cherry :cherries:

What cherry? I hate Sims. Played velocidrone last night for first time in about 6 months had all night… Spent 10 mins on it?