I'm not alone......(in Stroud)

Hello, my name is Rob, I’m glad to have found you all!

I run a one-man video company and bought a Parrot Anafi to add to my options.

I’m currently studying online for my CAA permission, but have only managed about 20 flights on holiday in France as here I’m surrounded by National Trust protected common land and have no space of my own.

I definitely need to get some practise in before my flight assessment, my dogs walks are getting longer as I hunt for a suitable spot…

where do you lot tend to fly?

looking forward to diving through all the posts here.


Hi Rob / @LimestoneRob, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

Quite a few of our members also own a Parrot Anafi … so you are amongst good company.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll see there are a few other members in your neck of the woods, some of whom I’m sure will come and say Hi.

The forum’s search functions are a very efficient way to find previous threads and posts that might already have covered topics in which you are interested in learning more or answer that niggling question but, when this doesn’t turn up what you’re after, there’s a wealth of knowledge amongst the members, so ask away over on #questions-and-answers.

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown in the past … which, obviously, doesn’t necessarily mean they are still OK to fly and, as always, any pilot needs to check that everything’s OK before flying at any of them.

Please also take a moment to look at the Membership Levels section on our FAQ .

Welcome aboard!

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Hi Rob welcome to GADC .
I’m not far from you at all, worked in Stroud for 12 years so quite familiar with area ( sort of) I would have thought Minch common a good spot or Rodborough common, I would have no problem to fly from there, in fact been thinking about a trip over there sometime as there’s some spectacular areas around there.
Any public land you should be able to take off and land on even a quiet lane pull in, ive done that a few times now.
Happy to pop over there and join up for a bit of flying with you if you like.


Welcome to the club

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You can check precise NT land boundaries at Discover Our Land Ownership Map | National Trust if it helps.

Hi Rob, they might have changed the Common rules since you last flew over them:

I will read through all the posts about national trust land, it’s a real insight to know that remote pilots carry around their insurance details etc in case they are challenged!

I may well take you up on that offer, I’m feeling like a bit of a novice at the moment

Wow there is shit written in that newspaper piece.

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Quick note to say high and welcome Rob this is a mad but fab group of flyers


That drone looks remarkably like this one:


My understanding is that NT object to drones taking-off and landing on their land.
But this is a ‘civil’ matter of trespass, not ‘law of the land’ and they would have to go to court and prove that the ‘trespass’ caused a loss or detrimental action to their land. This would be very difficult to prove.
I feel a test case coming on soon. I will be looking out for it.
I object to NT buying up large acres of our beautiful country and then denying it’s harmless use to the public who just want to appreciate and enjoy it as leisure.
OK that’s me off my soapbox for the day :joy::rofl:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Especially when you pay the buggers a membership .


It’s mostly a trespass issue, but there are also bye-laws that affect you if flying over NT land.

  • Bye-law 9(a): you may not “wilfully disturb, injure or destroy and living creature”
  • Bye-law 24: you may not “wilfully obstruct, disturb, interrupt or annoy any other person in the proper use and enjoyment of such property”

Flying at a height low enough to interfere with the landowner’s enjoyment of their property is in any event a civil trespass, the bye-law just makes it easier to prosecute you.

Having said all that, I flew recently from and over NT land without encountering any problems. I chose a time where the nearby property wasn’t open to the public and a location where I was well out of anyone’s way.

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That’s very vague

could be linked to the cars that hit cows on the road across the common. :thinking:

Not the insects underfoot or windscreen kills ;o)

That article is so poor with misleading statements!!!

How annoying!

Just a thought, now that we are registered and accepted, via the CAA, does that mean we are therefore trained by them and avoid the NT bann?

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That could describe 85% of Stroud News and journal articles I’m afraid!

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