Image Counter Reset


Somehow - the last format on the MP also reset the image counter back to DJI0001.jpg … has anyone seen a method of seeing it to a new start number?


Was it after a FW update?


There’s a setting which determines if the format resets the number or not … and it’s set to not reset.
Been fine for two years, but today’s files start at 0001.
A real pain for sequencing since all my MP photos/video are in one folder.


Just checked, the setting has changed. No idea how.

Guess I’ll have to fire off hundreds of pics to get the number back to where it was.

Flying to be done first. :+1:




To this day I’ve never found a way to do it…


If my memory serves, there are some hidden files/folders that get created on a freshly formatted card?

Take a couple of photos and examine said folders, one of them may contain filename/numbering metadata in an XML file that you can edit? :thinking:


I think it’s MP based, not card … because I have 6 cards I swap about and sometimes format, sometimes don’t, but the numbers always just continues …. when the setting is correct.

Not sure how it swapped over to “reset” … but it was … and it did.

There’s one thing I’ve read that might work I shall try - otherwise it’s low-res jpg (only) and lots of burst mode to get back to where I was.



How to set the next image number to what you want it to be!
(… up to DJI_0999, for the moment … I’ll do some more investigating for what happens next.)

  1. Format the SD Card on your Mavic.

  2. Put the card into your laptop and add the folder 100MEDIA into the folder DCIM.


  3. On your laptop, using an old Mavic image file, change it’s name number to one less than you want the next number to be, and copy it to the 100MEDIA folder on the SD Card.
    (Since my settings are RAW+JPEG - I copied both - not sure if that’s necessary.)


  4. Fire up the Mavic, take a picture, and hey-presto!



Nice! :clap:


Just need to find out what happens @ 999 … since accidental resets mean I’ve never reached that.

So - I’ll set, per above, to 99x …. and take a few pics past 999, see what it creates, then format and see if I can pick up from a much larger number.

… sometime. That was more than my hangover needed already. :rofl:


Weird - I was sure I’d tried this method with no joy… :thinking:

Nice one Dave!!


I always rename all files from any camera to an easier to sort and find format.

*the above method also used to work in Canon DSLR (its been a while since I had to use it though)


I rename with the date format AND the DJI number … but some photos, like when I was away for 3 months and my laptop broke … and I took some 10k photos between drones/phones/cameras without any means to rename in bulk … meant that a strange reset on the Mavic meant I copied/overwrote and lost about 40 Mavic pics/vids (I was living with about 20, urgently bought, 64gb cards as my “backup” via phone).
If I’d known I could reset the number in just a few seconds, that would have been more than a little useful.

If only DJI used the usual (these days) date:time format for their file naming … none of it would be needed.


Thats when you need a MacBook with Apple Care ;o)


simple. If I’d had that there wouldn’t have been enough money left over for 3 months in Italy in the first place.


I guess you have the 20 urgently bought as a back to avoid similar ;o)

Happy New Year Dave ;o)


Their cost was minimal (Job lot in an Italian discount shop), since I was only using for backup I didn’t need speed, and took less than 5 minutes to organise.
A few hundred miles from the nearest Apple store would have been a total frigging waste of time!


Probably closer than you think


Nope - MUCH further!


Where were you?