In a past life


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What an experience and great shots thanks for sharing :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Yes very interesting as you say a”past life” :blush:

A few from my past life too!


I was never fortunate enough to be in a position to serve.

Thank you for risking your lives for the rest of us, gentlemen.



were you at larbruch you lucky man. I was due to go to Bruggen then got my fitters course. Done some time with the GR7 though at Wittering. :slight_smile:

Yes mate, IV(AC) from when they moved from Gut…EOD before that…
OP, awesome pics!

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@Diveuk great pics, love looking on old pics of Op Banner as I served nearly 10 years on the streets. Did Bosnia, Falklands, West Berlin at its best a year before wall went down so experience east Berlin going through checkpoint Charlie in full No2’s with wifey going shopping and eating well. Then wall came down and involved in that also was something special to remember standing back watching all. Then out and was lost for while very hard civvy life after so.many years of regimental bullshit, against wife’s wish I went and done private security all over the world many months at a time just to get the buzz and to be with people who I trusted again, finally had to choose wife or basically running away all the time.

Anyway my photos never as good as yours they ever black and white or on the old cheap 35mm cameras :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Are you Liam Neeson? :grinning:

Seriously though, to echo earlier comments on this thread and to dissuade you from killing me, we are genuinely not worthy…

Thank you guys :+1:


Thanks @Ned, I miss my comrades I miss the banter, I actually miss the discipline also :cry:

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I really miss the banter too. People at work on civvy Street way over sensitive. I once referred to the office as “these shower of bastards” and honestly was gob smacked and could not understand why some people were upset by that.


Yes Jim we come out into civvy street and used to only having to say something once otherwise a smack around the head or verbally destroyed.:woozy_face: Hard to change and really understand why some can’t.:pensive:

I still quote the 7P’s to everyone who fuffs up :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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