In Kent - and it's snowing

Hi, I am Hans and I am in Canterbury, Kent. It’s currently snowing, and I am tempted to try a short flight to get some unusual footage.
Am I the only one in the club who just has a Magic Air, not even an Air 2?
I have had it for almost 3 years (well, in May it will be thee years) and I have flown it here, in the Netherlands, in Slovakia and in South Africa.
Of course with the WiFi connection I have the usual range problems, but otherwise I am quite happy with it and I don’t really fly enough to spend money on a Mini2. Size is important to me, the Air is so transportable in the fly more combo bag.

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I have a Mavic Air. No problems with wi-fi range - I can fly beyond 500m, at which range I cannot see it anyway - this is all theory of course - I would never fly BVLOS …

Not sure about flying in snow - if you do make sure you keep the batteries close to your body to keep them warm before flight, beware of propeller icing and don’t fly too far - difficult to see the aircraft in falling snow.

Mavic Air size is ideal - it fits in my jacket pockets of I’m going for a quick walk, even the full kit with six batteries fits in a small peli case that is easy to carry around. My Inspire is far less portable :slight_smile:

I am usually OK up to 500m as well, but at times I run into problems especially when there are other WiFi networks nearby.
I was actually planning to fly when it was actually snowing, but taking footage of the snow covered landscape.
And yes, VLOS only (of course).