iNav - VTX How to?

There are lots of video son auto changing VTX power on iNav by distance, great… Whilst I have VTX working with OSD, etc. I’ve never setup the power levels like you do with BF and the VTX_Tables. I have more power levels on iNav than the VTX supports.

So question is… How do you setup iNav to know about what VTX power levels are supported?

I believe the cli commands are basically the same as betaflight?
It’s just that the UI is not as good.

The numbers for the power levels will depend on what smartaudio or irc tramp version you have.

As per Betaflight docs…

Yes cheers. Not 100% sure on the protocol, know it’s SA, not sure on the version (BF can show it, not sure on iNav, will check later). Just getting final touches done tot he ZoHD for Sunday! My BF backup is as follows:

vtxtable powerlevels 4
vtxtable powervalues 0 1 2 3
vtxtable powerlabels 25 200 400 600

So I guess I send 0, 1, 2, or 3 to it (or just use on 3 all the time!)

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