Incoming regulation changes

Just in from the CAA. It’s not until next year, but it may be worth a read now…

CAP1789 EU UAS Regulations-Guidance.pdf (440.5 KB)


Interesting read…

Interesting heavy read, looks to me like pfco requirement will be removed for certain categories, we’ll see.

Had a read through the draft regulations last year and looks like not much has changed.

I remember when the M2P was being released people question the fact it was just over 900g and would not fit into the A1 category.

So anything over 900g can only be flown far from people under the new regs unless you have a certificate of competence.

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Hi Lee
thanks for the info Ive just had a quick look through the regs and Its heavy going so will have another look later on when I get more time, not exactly a bed time reading lol.