Incomplete Junction 1 of the M49

M49 Junction 1

The motorway junction that was built but goes nowhere. It was completed in August 2020, but there was a dispute as to who should pay for the privately owned land to connect it to the local roads in Avonmouth.

Going to cost another few million to complete the junction.

This will be the only junction on the motorway. The motorway itself can only be reached from other motorways, at the moment, which is unique.


Having been a regular in and around Avonmouth back in the noughties and lastly 2011, I am amazed that they still haven’t completed that junction, they would remove a lot of lorries from the Avonmouth roads daily, just amazes me, I used to load out of Kuehne + Nagel until 2011 for Holland and Germany, now it’s Arla, but the roads in and out were a pain and weren’t as far in as that Junction, I wonder why Amazon haven’t petitioned to have it finished?
Sorry oops, brilliant photo by the way, very thought inspiring :slight_smile:

Been meaning to photograph it for a while.

Once complete it will lose the magic that it is now. Wasn’t the best day weather wise, so the Severn crossing isn’t that clear. If I get a chance to replace the image I will in the future.

Last time I parked outside the power station, I woke with a pain and was rushed to the now gone Frenchy Hospital to have my ruptured appendix removed, July 2011 oh the memories :frowning:

The M27 runs from the North of Portsmouth past Southampton Airport and toward the New Forest. From the east the first junction is 12, the last junction, furthest west is junction 1

Eleven junctions in all

There is no junction 6!

Never heard of this but someone needs to sort it!

Fascinating, and what a lovely photo.

May I ask: how would one get here to visit/take a look around/fly a drone here?


I just directed my satnav to the Travelodge, Avonmouth.