Indoor drone

I am looking for an indoor drone that is super easy to fly. Preferably with things like headless mode, self stabilisation, etc. No camera needed.

Can somebody please recommend me a drone. Thanks.

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Check out the Ryze / DJI Tello:

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I’ll second that. Paired with a gamesir controller.


You may want to buy the combo - two extra batteries and a 3 bay charger. Flight time is 17 minutes so extra batteries make sense!

This might be good

Funny how some don’t show the picture of the goods but just the box and some stock images :scream:

Err probably a fair amount less advanced then the DJI tello. Have you seen the parrot Mambo? I have it as just part of my parrot collection. Only flown a few times and their alright as far as indoor drones go but you need FPV pack for the camera attachment

Thank you all for your help.