Infinity bridge stockton on tees

One of only a few photos I got before drone was attacked by 2 gulls.


Did the drone survive? I get nervous when gulls or crows start gathering . Usually flip it to sports mode and disappear .

Yeah it survived, I put it into sports mode and brought it down, a tip from another member of this group said to take it up, not down as birds can’t fly straight up. :+1:


Well - that works if they are on the same level as you. I’ve been totally swarmed by swallows/swifts … they were in every direction … so nothing to be gained by doing anything. I just wish I’d not stopped recording about 15 seconds previously, and was too bewildered by what I was seeing to think to start it again.

What was the outcome then? was your drone OK?

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Very, very, very slowly brought it back to me … complete with swallow/swift swarm in attendance, and when it was above me equally slowly brought it down … and the swallows buggered off at about 15m … complete with a round of applause from a load of tourists mesmerised by the vision … me in a pool of sweat! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha its horrible when birds attack, its inky ever happened to me once mind so I’m very weary of birds now.