Info on Qinux drone

Have tried search no luck, has any member had any dealings or experience with the Qinux drone.
Are they any good / easy to use, it comes with a KY FPV version 1.6.5 to run on android but have difficulties in loading, any help / advice would be appreciated

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Tagging @Michael565 as the only other Qinux owner I know. Not sure which model he has though.

I see from a cursory search you’re not the only one having issues.

The KY FPV app appears just like every other basic WiFi app used for these type of …

In the comments section for the App on the play store someone posted this possible solution.

could it be Dark =LV=S the only other ID that I can see is Qinux K4

They are quite good actually, I was going to get one but the guru in my club said, yes they are good, for knocking fence posts in…! I got an Autel instead, and got someone in to do the fence… :thinking:

Hello Frank - just saw your post about Qinux. I have one in serviceable condition and can hopefully answer any questions you may have. I live near Kidderminster.

Hi Nereussenex. Thank you for your offer of assistance, which I am very much in need of :blush:

Following a minor collision my Quinux has developed the following fault…

After switch on and starting a flight the quad will fly perfectly for about 20 seconds after which it auto-lands and shuts down. The only way to regain control is to switch off and restart, but again this only results in a 20 second flight.

If you could offer any suggestion other than “binning it” I would be very grateful.

Many thanks F.K.

The only time mine self-landed and shut down was due to the battery power running out during flight. Like me, you probably have 3 batteries. Does it perform in the same way on each of them?

If that doesn’t help then I’ve no other ideas to offer, sorry! I doubt you will get much support from the producer, but if you do, then please let me know how to ask a technical question and get an answer.

Regards, John K

Hi John, thanks for the reply. I have tried both batteries, and yes they both do the same! I doubt battery power is the actual problem, as I can repeat the exercise many many times with the same result. Contacting the supplier resulted in a Merry Go Round. “Send a Video”. sent video! Not collected by them. “send video” Repeat! I have abandoned further attempts and will sell it on eBay for SPARES OR REPAIR Being in the low budget end of Drone ownership. I recently bought a 4DRC F8 on eBay for £59 with which I am Delighted. (This one ACTUALLY has, GPS). unlike the Qinux K8!
f4 brushless motor drone with 4k HD camera FPV GPS foldable
Type: F8
£59.00 If posting this link is not allowed I apologies in advance!

Good luck with your new one! Will be interested to hear whether the camera is stabilized against the drone’s motion (bank and pitch). The only video I got from the Qinux showed that it was NOT stabilized, so it made for very jerky viewing. Unbelievable how much tech you can buy for so little £££.
Regards, JK

Hi John. Yes I agree the Qinux K8 images are rather jerky. Hopefully the 4DRC F8 will prove better. I am grounded until I get some replacement blades. F.K.