Insane Gaps by Biker

Watch right through it gets mad…


For some reason they do slow motion replays for most of the speed bumps.

Speed bums, she kept perfect form, her feet never fumbled for the foot rest…bet cop was editing director…:rofl:

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Excuse me sir, you dropped your wallet.

They were never going to get away while ever they stayed on roads. Going on to the paths was the only way and doing it with a pillion isn’t going to work. The only chance they had was going somewhere the police couldn’t, ie fully off road.

Fair play to the cops for chasing for that long. Over here they’d have given up within 10 minutes.

Anyone remember this one from back in the day.

there are old pilots and there are bold pilots but,
there are no old and bold pilots…

it’s a bit like the Canadian saying of the " Mounty allways gets his man!" for the bike chase… he has time on his side where they have to be lucky every time they do something… he or she just has to keep up long enough