Inspire 1 battery mod


Has Someone tried a mod battery like this on an Inspire 1?


Not yet although its something I am considering, trying to design a saddlebag twin battery adapter for 3D printing. Don’t want to cover the VPS

Don’t know how far you have researched this so forgive me if I’m covering things you already know. This is a useful page:


Thanks for the link;

I just bought a kit and i will try it soon (the kit in my pic). In that position the under sensor “will work” with not problem.

I can’t understand how the batteries discarge will work because there are 3 batteries in parallel but with different mah capacity. So for example the main tb48 (5700mah) and two 2600mha lipo battery.

Carlo, I’d disconnect / remove the cells of the TB48 and keep the housing - everyone has a dead TB47/48 somewhere for experiments, right? :slight_smile:

Then you’re only running nicely paired batteries. And less weight.


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