Inspire 1 pro video problems

Just got the above to add to my growing fleet. The problem is the video feed, records ok but anything beyond 200ft it breaks up.
Been surfing the forums etc and they all mention downgrading the firmware to 1.08 . My question is can you multiple downgrade ie from 1.11 to 1.10 to 1.09 1.08. I know you can’t do it in one go but can you do it 1 or 2 firmwares at at time

Are you using the same screen / tablet and USB cable that you use on other drones? My question really is, can you eliminate the hardware from being the cause?

Pretty sure the Inspire1 runs the same firmware methodology as the Mavic Pro and P4 does which means you can downgrade to any version you like, directly?

I’ve seen a few posts about issues with X3 vs Z3 cameras causing some downgrade problems but that’s beyond my knowledge set I’m afraid Chris :frowning:

Everything I have read points to DJI reducing transmission power (video transmission only) from firmware 10 . I’m using the same cables and tablet for all my drones (Ipad mini 2 and lightning cable) No problems with either the mavic or the P4Pro only the Inspire.

After much searching and fiddling managed to downgrade to 1.09 and all good.
Then flew and caught the flight mode switch and it went sideways and crashed. Then tried to beat itself to death on the floor. The only damage was 2 props. Tough old bird

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Bloody hell Chris!

What was the downgrade process in the end?

Glad you didn’t kill it in that crash :slight_smile:

The process for downgrading is get the firmware you want (none are available through DJI, search the web) then create an empty file with the same name, ie
WM610_FC550_DEBUG (Must have no suffix)
Copy to empty sd card and put in drone and power on without RC powered
If its correct it will start to make a intermittent whirring noise like a disc drive.Takes about an hour and gives no indication it’s finished.
You must also downgrade the RC to the earlier version but thats done easily throught DJI GO

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Been out twice this weekend with big bird and seems to have suffered no ill effects

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