Inspire 2 Mobius Camera Mount


I’ve been toying with the idea of some sort of mount for my Mobius camera, the mount simply slips “tight fit” over the gimbal mount protective cap then two small screws anchor it in place. I’ll test fly next time I get to go out.



Just when I was convincing myself I didn’t need a 3D printer for Christmas

Great job Lance :+1:


Nice one Lance @Njoro .
Looking forward to test flight results.
Presumably the mobius and mount will be much lighter than the X5S.


Go for it Rich, there’s so much to learn and it’s perfect for those winter blues :facepunch:


I’ll weigh it but I think it might be less than 100g, any way the thing is I’ve been chucking the Inspire around the sky quite a bit, it handles so well without the heavy X5.
The Mobius can output to a Vtx…soooo…:nerd_face:


Here is a short clip, I’ll have to try 50g anti-vibration rubbers, it was really windy.


Looks like when I got my first. GoPro on the original phantom the famous video roll


I’ve definitely got the wrong rubber on it, this setup takes me back a few years too, the anti-vibration rubbers that I need aren’t in stock.
I’ve also been printing for something else too…:grin:

It’s just a joy learning and making stuff, we’ll see how the next little project pans out…:roll_eyes:


So, just for us dreamers, who would like a 3D Printer in “Santa’s Sack”
any recommendations of good makes that you could share?.


Creality Ender 3, Creality CR-10, Creality CR-10S


I bought my CTC printer because it was cheap and with the thought that if I don’t get on with 3D printing I’d sell it off.
I’ve never tried any other printer so I can only comment on my cheap £289 clone which I bought 3 years ago.

I’d say if you have any background in “Technical Drawing” from your days at school then you’ll have the necessary foundation to teach yourself.

What really matters is being able to draw 2D and then investing in many hours of learning whatever software you choose.

I think that buying a printer just to print stuff from Thingiverse can eventually lead to a dormant printer in the corner of a room hence buying cheap.

I have thought of buying a better printer in the hope of providing a “custom one-off” printing service, one can only hope though.

I’d say if you’re willing to learn and fight through some of the difficulties you’ll encounter just try it.


Having been a Supervisor in one of areas biggest Electrical Engineering Factories, where I was in charge of CNC Machinery, this looks a walk in the park to me !.
Being use to having 3 dimensional drawing shoved in front of me all day long for years, and watching blocks of allsorts of metallic substances being honed into shining new components, I am hoping that retirement will give me the impetus to learn to do something for myself , for a change !.
Understanding 2d , 3d drawings is not hard, just have to get your mind-set into it.
Thanks for all the advice, just might give it a try (when Santa has a big enough sack !)


I have a CR-10, it has a larger than standard print area at 300 x 300 x 400, I bought it for £300 and at present learning Fusion 360 so I can do a bit more designing to print my own stuff.

A friend of mine was so impressed he bought an Ender 3 new from eBay for around £180, he has used CAD in his work for years and is also learning Fusion 360, he has just bought his second Ender 3 and has designed a website and started up a little 3D printing business.

They can be a bit of a pain to set up, the hardest part is getting the bed level, once you can do this accurately the rest is much easier, you will soon pick up the other bits as you go along, there is quite a bit to learn.


Santa’s sack is going to be big this year then…


Bloody better be !, 2 kids ,both through Uni with no Student Loans to pay off !.
Dad’s done his bit for them !.
now where’s me Mavic 2 Pro Kids !!
(Hint Hint)
Oh!, and just a 3D printer to play with !