Insta 360 One inch - my new toy

I have, in my limited spare time, been doing some 360 videos and have just splashed the cash on the Insta 360 OneRS 1-inch. I see some members here also use Insta 360 products so thought they might be interested seeing my initial thoughts about this interesting camera and my comparison images with my OneX2 - and yes I admit to being a bit of a pixel peeper.


I concur with you, I have a OneX2 and an RS One Inch. I use the OneX2 for action shots on my bike or E scooter and the One Inch for static shots on a tripod. Would like to try an X3 but she will kill me if I buy more drones or cameras.

Understood, I am going to try the One inch on my e-bike. The speed I go at in my dotage means it will hardly notice the motion !!! Will post when I’ve done it. :+1: