Insta360 drone?

What do people think?

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Oooo count me interested if so.

I love my 360 (not an Insta) and if there was a combined 360 and drone then that’d be cool.

I mean there’s limited use to 360 on a drone apart from reframing and you can already use the split 360 lens to good effect, but I would still be an interesting product and might inspire DJI to follow suit.

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360 Air 2/2S add-on

I was just about to post about this! It’s currently only available in the U.S. and China (RRP $429.00) though (Insta360's new 'invisible' drone cam for DJI Mavics looks incredible | T3).

Whats the difference between this and the One R kit they brought out 2 years ago

Old news

As discussed here

The new one for the Mavic Air 2 (s) does not effect the gps acquisition. The original one stopped the gps working.

Unfortunately they are not shipping to the UK yet

Are you sure, I got to the entering card payment bit, it accepted my name and address as I was already signed in to my account?

The county is greyed out to the USA.
You can also only select a state (USA) where you live.

It’s no available for sale outside of the USA yet.

I got as far as you but couldn’t go any further without a USA registered payment option and a USA registered delivery address.

Am I missing something here? The FPV crowd have been mounting Insta360s on their quads for ages. Any reason not to print an Insta360 mount for your flying tripod?

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No, not really.

As well as on our mavics (as seen here from 2019)

The difference with this new one is it removes the blades, by distancing the lenses further apart

Why can’t you do that with the split lens mod?

You could

I’m not sure they’ll ever remove the blades completely and still give a full 360

I have only watched one video on the new 360, I couldn’t see any blades but wasn’t looking 100% to be honest, that sort of thing doesn’t entertain me, makes me go dizzy to be honest
Did this with my Insta360 One RS on Saturday, great that it hides the pole, bit hard to do the 360 videos first time, but I suppose I will get there


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