Insta360 One RS one inch edition

Thought i would take my dodgy hip for a bike ride(first time for nearly a year since this all started), I am regretting it now, feet up and lots of codein.

But I love the new 360 camera.

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Interesting. How do you find the One RS? I have been looking at the Insta360 One x2. Love the fact you don’t have to point it anywhere but it just take a full 360 video, and then decide later what bits to focus on. Some of the features (eg globe) seem a bit gimmicky. What made you choose the RS?

I have a One X2, this is the One RS one inch edition, I got it for mthe 1inch sensors and better resolution that they allow…

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Another edit here…


The great thing about the insta range is the app and now the Mac version of the software (I presume windows too) its so easy to use and very powerful.

Search insta on here there are loads of examples to look at, a few of us have them

How do you find the weight?

My concern is on a long selfie that the stick will bow.

I have seen YT videos using a 3m stick with no issues, my stick was extended about 1m for these. I don’t have a 3m pole(yet)so can’t comment from personal experience.

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