Interesting new software ... "My Drone Viewer"

Not tried, just read about it …

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Interesting! Looks a good way of reviewing flight video and thinking on how it could be improved, but not sure how much it would be used on a regular basis, especially if already using Litchi

Hopefully they develop it to create map/data overlays for editing into videos - rather like Dashware, or even do all the overlayin a single step. Wouldn’t be a massive leap.

No good for me…

I saw that in their FAQ.

How does Litchi handle the flight plan for the Air then? :thinking:

I’ve tried a number of versions of this software and none of them seem to load videos from my Mavic Mini, nor indeed from ANY source.
The same company has developed an almost identical software for viewing DASHCAM footage from a limited range of dashcams and with the same features as this claims, and that also does not appear to load footage from any source.
At from, $45 to $125 I could not recommend anyone buying this software unless the free demo version actually works.
I’ve tried it on 3 different PCs, and it hasnt worked on any of them. Contacting the company results in NO result, neither through Facebook nor their website.
If anyone has had any success with this, it would be good to share the results, because on the face of the claims it could be a very useful piece of software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drones are compatible with DroneViewer?

I have tested DroneViewer with the Autel EVO, GPS-enabled GoPro HERO cameras (like the HERO 5 black), DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro 2, Matrice 200, Phantom 4 series, and Phantom 3 series. It will also work with the Phantom 2 as long as you have a FlyTrex Core 2 logger installed. It may work with the Inspire2, but I don’t have sample video to verify this. Remember to turn on Video Caption subtitle feature in your drone app to make your drone stores trajectory data.

My problem is not with which drones it is compatible, but that it does not load and play the footage … at all. The same applies to the DASHCAM viewer version.
Thanks for your reply.

Are you capturing the .srt files when shooting your footage ?

I have just downloaded it ( Windows 10) and it plays videos from my mini 2 with no problems

But to be honest it’s a pile of :poop:

The dashboard and the windows are all over the place and you cant minimise them or reposition them correctly

Have you tried VCL with the subtitles on, that will display all the telemetry data and its free :grinning:

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Thanks for your reply. The subtitling files provide the information the software needs to display various parameters relating to the drones flight. My point is, that none of the video even play, in the player window. In other words, even if the .srt data is present, the footage just does not play in my experience.

Thanks again sparky. Glad to learn you’ve even got it to display video at all. I will have a look at VLC in this context. I use it for playing most vid footage. :+1:

The VLC program does indeed display some telemetry info, limited though, bearing in mind that it is a general video platform.
However, the functions alleged to display in droneviewer would be extremely useful if I could get it to work.
How, in your opinion is the progam Cr*p? Does it not deliver the functions.

By the way, you can resize and position the windows if you go to the “Window” menu item, and click once on “SYNC WINDOW MOVEMENT”. This will toggle the ability to achieve this.