International Game Of Whoop 4 (IGOW)

Flipping heck. After getting my whoop working again I promptly killed it again, flying in the back garden. I may have to try and disassemble a motor to see if it benefits from a cleaning.


I might have to talk to you about that spare one you used to have.

I have spares… All sorts of spares…

I went back out to Darlton to reattempt, but not much better than yesterday. :expressionless:

If I get nothing else, I will probably enter one of these.

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Here’s me. So glad the DVR worked and I could quit before I ended up dumping it in the Derwent.


Awesome work mate. :sunglasses:

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For those doing igow and coming to the big meet.

Bring your whoops, we’re going to try to set up a dive gate for this week’s challenge.

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I’ll be bringing my gate thingy.

And then I just need to develop a 10ft inside leg measurement for the “powerloop yourself” part. :laughing:

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Nothing fancy for this week, I hoped to do a higher dive but the wind wasn’t helping much so I just managed to get it done on the lower building…


Nick Burns approves (gave you a nod on livestream). :smiley:

I think everyone made it through this week.

Week 4 - Split-S to Power Loop and many. many tries…

There were many attempts made to get to this. Three evenings, one lunchtime. Quads stuck in gutters twice, new frames, new canopies, many motor wires re-soldered. Even a special Dive-Gate built!


Gotta admire your dedication to IGOW this year. BOOM! :slight_smile:

And Brendan’s

Despite what it looks like in the first clip it is him flying… He was around the corner. I can’t fly his rates!

And one of the the aforementioned gutter incidents. There were three apparently. Brendan climbed the ladder as I was too scared! I just couldn’t get up the last couple of rungs!

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I’ve bust mine again, trying to powerloop goal posts in the park. Another frame is on the way, but it may well not give me enough time to complete this week. It was looking like I was going to need a LOT of practice. :laughing:

This is why I have so many spares… In fact I just ordered a load more…

It didn’t help that I’d chopped that one up so much to shoehorn the Nanohawk board in.

What frame have you bought now?

Standard Meteor 65?

I think so. :grin: