iOS 14 with Go4

I know it’s early days yet, but has anyone tried the go 4 app with IOS 14?

Not tried Go 4 app yet but have tried the FLY app with IOS 14 this afternoon and no problems at all. Will probably try the Go 4 app tomorrow :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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GO4 worked for me on last Beta (iPhone XS)

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Works fine

Flew my M2Zoom with DJI Go 4 and IOS 14 today - 2 full batteries and no problems :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:


I’ve had iOS 14 since beta 1 in June and had no issues with Go4 . I’m now on ios14.2 beta 1 (Apple developer account) and still works fine

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I had a flight today and all was fine