iOS Shortcuts

In an earlier thread (went a bit off topic)


Me and @PingSpike were swapping thoughts on iOS shortcuts and automations for setting airplane mode, brightness etc before opening a flight app.

Thought this might be worth a thread on its own.

So I’m bored on night shift and came up with the following

Self explanatory, but for the new users of shortcuts, you define a set of actions (shortcut) then place a home screen icon that when tapped sets airplane mode, 100% volume and brightness then asks what app I want to use .

You’ll see it’s already actioned the airplane mode.

Finally the shortcut icon on my home page and what happens when I tap it

Any questions fire away, I’ll try my best to answer.


Too slow to edit ;o( that’s what you get from posting from your phone

The images are a bit out of order, but hopefully you get the idea

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That’s clever. I didn’t know you could that.
Must have a play :smiley:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool stuff.

Mine differs slightly as I only ever use my phone to fly the Mavic Mini (use the CrystalSky Ultra for the other drones) so I’ve set to launch DJI Fly app as the last step in the process.

Did I see mention somewhere on the other thread @milkmanchris about another shortcut series for when you’ve finished, which turns down the volume, enables all the wireless again, etc?

The problem I’ve found is that you cannot create an action that triggers on exiting an app.

So Ive had to compromise

Lets look at the ‘Stop Flying’ shortcut, you’ll notice the strange command, SPRINGBOARD in the last shot. Unfortunately when you run this shortcut the shortcut menu stays open so you’re on that screen, a quick geek around found the Springboard script which when run jumps you back to your main screen.

Little screen recording of it all in action

@PingSpike, all you need to do is add stop flying to your shortcuts and you’re good to go (or stop as the case is)

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Good catch with Springboard :+1:t2:

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I’ve used Tasker to do something similar… but also got it to post a note on the screen telling me to record…

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Good call, I just amended my setup to add the prompt ‘Check Transmission’, just for the mini to check if any channels are better than others.

I have to acknowledge this before the Fly app opens


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Only saw this post today so had a go at shortcuts myself. My little video shows a slight variation in that after the Actions Required prompt it opens UAV Forecast for 10 seconds so I can check wind etc then turns on airplane mode, increases brightness and volume then runs DJI Fly app. Done similar shortcut to other posts to put back to normal mode after flight. Thanks for sharing the shortcuts idea.