iPad Mini 2 to control Mavic air

Hi all,

Just purchased my first drone, a Mavic Air, I have a galaxy note 8 at the moment on a recent upgrade, the Go 4.0 software doesn’t seem as smooth as the IOS version I tried on my iPhone before. There seems lots of battery draining as well. So Im thinking of purchasing a second hand iPad mini to fly the drone with. Does the iPad Mini 2 have the specs to run the software?


Hi James,

Having come from an iPad Mini 2, I’ll say “Just…”

I’ve not used the Mini 2 with the latest version(s) of GO4 but every once in a while I’d get a warning come up saying:

Device CPU fully loaded. Related performance will be affected.

But, that said, I didn’t actually notice anything being affected…

If you do go down the iPad route, be sure to fly it in airplane mode and be sure to properly kill all other running/suspended apps in the background too.

Oh, and you’re going to need a screen protector/filter - the glare on the Mini 2 screen was chronic in daylight :cry:

In a nutshell - yes. However the DJI Go4 software is very processor intensive and older tablets, etc., do experience some difficulty keeping pace with the Go software. There have been many reports of the iPad mini tablets overheating, crashing, freezing, etc. Buyer beware.

(but I think the Mini 4 has a better screen than the Mini 2 and doesn’t have as much glare)

Many thanks guys :slight_smile: I’ll have a look for a refurbished or eBay 4, or see how I get on with the note 8…

I bought one of these


Works perfectly with the iPad Air 2 that isn’t that much more expensive than a iPad mini

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I’ve recently switched to the mini 4, bought a used one from Musicmagpie


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Thanks guys I shall have a look. That holder does look good. I do have a first Gen iPad air, not sure if it’s powerful enough to run the software though.