Ipad mini 4, wi fi or celluler?

Hi all
well after weeks of humming and haring I had finally decided to get a ipad mini4 to go with my mavic pro, now I find I have another decision to make, Wi-Fi or cellular, I have done a lot of internet searching and it mainly seems to come down to downloading maps or not, but I don’t understand why i need to as I will know where I am ??.
Now I will only be using the ipad to see what the mavic is filming and I use the compass to see what direction I am facing.
I am also going to Iceland in a few months and want to fly around and get some film from there.

Thank you


Another thing to note is the WiFi model has no GPS meaning you can’t set home point to controller.

Personally not something I’d ever bother with so I went for a refurbished WIFI model.


You won’t be able to see live maps of your flight track without cellular.
You can always go for a WiFi only version and tether it to your phone (mobile hotspot), this will give you full functionality.


You can also cache you maps on the Go4 app in advance, if you know where you are going. It’s what I do when I use my iPad. There are lots of tips on how to do this on YouTube.


Hi and thanks for taking the time to answer,

you all raise a few questions for me, " WiFi model has no GPS meaning you can’t set home point to controller", does this mean no return to home as on my phantom, Live maps, is this seeing the area around me and why would I use this ?? and the same for caching maps, also I don’t think I can tether anything to my phone or would know how to, sorry if I seem less than bright.

If it’s an iPhone your using - then to tether - go to settings - personal hotspot.
Once you switch that on on your phone… go to iPad and connect to it from your WiFi settings .
It’s quite easy .

Just buy an Android… so much simpler :smiley:

It means the drone can’t return to the controllers current location (if you’re on a moving boat for example).

You can still return to the point that you took off from, as the drone records that point using its own built in GPS.


Some people never use it, others use it all the time.

I find it handy for making sure I’m not directly above the canal when I stop to take some pictures. I feel safer if it’s hovering over the tow path instead :blush:

If for some reason you lose video feed, then you might have to refer to live maps in order to navigate back or avoid low flying over things that it’s best avoided. It also shows the direction/distance which your drone is flying/facing. Of course you can always just rely on the controller data.

So firstly thank you all for your help, I have decided to go Wi-Fi only as after reading what you all have to say I think this will fit my needs better, I cannot see the point in paying an extra £ 250 plus for features I would never use, but at least now I know what I am not getting.

Thanks again



I’ve always wanted to get a Ipad mini 4 for my mavic but the no GPS on the wifi version always put me off but after reading this it doesn’t look like it might be a problem.
So I’m I right in thinking that if I get a wifi one i can still hotspot it to my everday phone (Android) and still be able to view the map and where the Mavic is on Go4 and Litchi just not be able to reset home point and not be able to use Follow me?

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Yes that’s correct.

You can reset the home point to the Aircrafts current location but not the location of the tablet/controller.