Any ideas why I can’t download DJI GO 4 in my iPad 3… day it’s not available for iPad???

Try this link (on your iPad):

I wonder if it’s because you’re on iOS9 ?

Needs ios 11 minimum

Not sure of the version number, but I have GO4 on my iPad Mini 2 running iOS10 :+1:

Again, not sure how old a version of GO4 it is :blush:

It says it only needs iOS 9, or later.

I google it . It says iPad 3 is only to ios9 , will scrap that idea and may get my self the Lenovo 7” screen tablet

That screen grab I posted says iOS9 is OK.

Yeah I see that but still DJI GO 4 will not download as per pic I posted

I’m not familiar with Apple products, but I don’t see an “iPad 3” in that list of devices, only an “iPad mini 3”. Can that be the issue?

Yeah that’s the issue mate, IPad 3 was released back in 2012 and not very powerfull by today’s standards.
Apple stopped updates and it was only compatible with the original Go app.

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Found this

I think that’s referring to DJI GO, and not GO4.

The original GO used to work with mavic but the app forked at version 4. DJI GO for P3 and below. GO4 for Mavic and P4 upwards.