Ironbridge, Telford 2023

I visited Ironbridge to take a photo for an RTF competition for Bridges, oops I mean Rivers! So took this video footage while I was there. There were very few people about so I could TOAL close to the bridge and easily maintain VLOS. I did lose sight of the mini 3 Pro momentarily, as it headed for the tree line during a parallax manouvre on the other side of the gorge. I let the drone hover while I located it, which turned out the wise move because, although it was pretty high up, I forgot I was standing on the low side of the steep gorge and it was backing into the canopy of the trees.

I used a narration website for a brief history of the bridge half way through the video, which to be honest wasn’t the best, but better than my dulcet tones and it was a departure from putting captions up to read. Hope you like it anyway!


What a lovely little place, I bet that’s peaceful there, Even if I was there :joy:, very smooth footage :clap:t2:

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Thanks Kirky mate. I’ve been there loads of times when it’s totally manic but in the Summer. First time with a drone though, and it was so quiet. The mini 3P was like a stealth drone, and those that were sitting close by didn’t know what I was doing until I had virtually caught the thing. Mind you, they were mostly senior citizens with hearing aids. :sweat_smile: Once again they were really into it and couldn’t believe how it didn’t budge an inch while I set the camera up. I’m off to my daughters today, babysitting, and I’ll have a look at it on their 65" screen to see if the people on the bridge reacted to it. :thinking:

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Great shots.
What software did you use to edit the video?

@Equatol Hi David. I put it all in the YT description. I used Wondershare Filmora 12 for the edit. The narration was cobbled up from a recording of narrated text I entered in the web version of this :point_down:

I saved the live playback using Audacity.and edited to fit the clips. Wasn’t entirely happy with the narration but will look at ways of improving that. :+1:

Well done, Col, a great location, loads of history and nicely edited :+1:

Must say though, I am not a fan of the AI narration. Would much prefer your own narration or subtitles. User preference I suppose :man_shrugging:

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Thanks Chris. I’m tending to agree with you but thought I’d suck it and see. Its Work in progress but dont think my dulcet tones would cut it!:rofl::rofl:

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LOL :laughing: I was exactly the same. Who doesn’t hate the sound of their own voice :man_shrugging::smile:

I know… :thinking: I’ll send you the text and you can narrate it for me. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Kidding of course. I’ll prob bite the bullet or get the missus to do it. Hmmm, maybe not, can imagine it going like this: “Ok Ange take 10… . No no no you did it wrong again! Lets do take 11… Ange what you doing… put that kitchen knife down” :scream::rofl::rofl:

I am close to Ironbridge and at the moment there are a lot of people using the river as a flight path. I just wonder how long before Telford Council tries to impose a ban on flights over the river.
Just a moment of correction The Ironbridge is not in Coalbrookdale. Coalbrookdale is upstream from Ironbridge itself.
I have a mate who is currently putting together a series of vids he has done of flights following the river downstream from Buildwas down to Coalport passing under all the bidges on the way. I have pointed out to him that immediately he posts it on YouTube it is going to start a rash of others trying to do the same thing and that is only going to end badly. The only thing in his favour is the fact that he is a very skillful pilot. I have set him the challenge that he should try following the river from its source to the Bristol Channel flying both under and over every bridge as that would make a decent historical record.
Flying Shroppie

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@FlyingShroppie Roger that Roger. :star_struck: My bad, as I used the internet as a reference for the narrative and mistakingly used Coalbrookdale in the final edit (as it mentioned it as the place where the iron was made for the bridge; although some sources of information stated that there is liitle proof to back this up). :exploding_head: I’ve corrected my title accordingly - thanks for pointing out my error and saving me further embarrassment. :hugs:

Judging by the number of YouTube videos and pictures of the Gorge out there already, I will be surprised that your friends video will be that much of an influence on other potential UAV pilots. As far as I have been made aware, the public areas of the gorge have always been open for drone operators to take advantage of, and I doubt this will change in the forseeable future. However, if it does, it does; it’s pretty much the same as any historic, or otherwise worthy subject, that is just begging to be filmed and photographed. Dare I say, ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it’ (sorry for the pun). :crazy_face:

There are plenty of people out there that are unaware, unable, or cannot afford to visit these beautiful places, and I hope my video, as well as those that where there before me (and after), give them a little insight as to what they are missing.

Look forward to seeing you friends video when its posted. :+1:

Good one Col :+1:.

Nice edit and lovely location, going to have to add that location to my dronable places list for 23.

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@FlyingShroppie Hi Roger. This is where I got the Coalbrookdale link to Ironbridge from. The 1st para is where I quoted it from? Odd that they would get it wrong.

Good Morning.
Geographically Coalbrookdale is only about 3/4 mile upstream from The Iron Bridge but along with three other communities in The Gorge, the inhabitants are fiercely defensive of their “independence”. The worst insult you can make is to suggest that inhabitants of The Gorge live in Telford (which of cause they do). The original gorge accent still exists in odd places in Coalport and Jackfield
I am a Black Country man by birth but have lived and worked in Shropshire for over sixty years but am still not accepted as a Shroppie.
When Telford was created in the 1950’s Brummies and Scousers were drafted in to populate the New Town but they have still not been fully accepted. Who says Salopians are set in their ways.
Ta ever so!