Is DJI GO4 compatible with iOS15?

Depending on all of the iPhone and iPad users are here, you may, or may not know that iOS 15 is going to be released today for both iPad and iPhone. With that in mind, do we have any beta testers here and if so does the DJI Go 4 app run OK?

tagging @pross I know he’s been using the beta :+1:

I have the smart controller actually. I’ll plu7g the phone in when I get home from work and see if it works, cant see any reason why not tho, 15 has been super stable.

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So after re-pairing my standard controller, seems to work fine on iPhone 12 pro … didn’t fly but messed about with settings opened closed minimised no crashes.

Don’t confuse the Fly app with the GO range of apps @Bcrawley57 - they are very different apps for very different drones :+1:t2:


Oops apologies, it’s all new to me.