Is the DJI Mini 3 Pro mist-proof?

Morning all

I know my mini 3 isn’t waterproof but with the misty mornings it’s v tempting to get up there among it. Does anyone have any thoughts on if it will stand that kind of moisture?



All I can tell you is, I had the mini 2 out one morning over Holy mountain. Only up about 60m, the mist came in, covered the mini 2. I’m assuming it confused the sensors underneath, because when I tried bring it down 60m to land, it literally tried landing where it was…60m up! I managed to get it down eventually, probably 1m per sec🤣. That time I was caught out, but I try to keep away from mist after that😁.
As for the water resistant bit, my Avata took a bit of the wet stuff and I was impressed, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it, at some point your going to get water ingress👍

I took mine up some hills in misty/cloudy weather, for some reason it kept attempting to land by itself, I had to keep cancelling the landing and try to get it back to me :man_shrugging:
The image shows the conditions and the air data from the drone.

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That’s really useful thanks. Guess I’ll try throwing the GoPro into the air or something. :joy:

or just carry this with you if it does land in the air

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Cover up the downward sensors with some black electrical tape and you’ll have no bother.

Just be aware to bring it down very slowly when you are near the ground, or into your hand as the auto land won’t kick in.

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Nice one, cheers Ade :+1:. Misty mornings coming up, so I’ll give it a go.

As a new drone owner, I have a couple of questions…. If you go through or into a cloud and your drone isn’t water resistant ( Dji mini pro 3) is it gonna cause a problem with water vapour?
Question 2 if I may… With standard photography and lenses which you keep covered apart from when taking a photo etc with a drone lens it’s surely under attack from flies, dust and debris whilst flying at some speed …anybody had their lens scratched or damaged by normal flying?
I’ve got hundreds of questions so plenty of time to bore everyone,

Moved your post to a thread where this subject has been discussed recently.

And, welcome to GADC. :+1:

I have no experience of the first question so can’t help there. But I’ve never heard of a lens being scratched or damaged in normal flight. But if you’re concerned you could always stick a nd filter on, like I do on all of my dslr lenses. I’d rather damage a £50 filter than an expensive lens.