Is the DJI Phantom 3 still a good drone in 2021?

Hi All.
I already have a Holystone HS720E Drone, but i may have a chance of getting a DJI Phantom 3 at a very good price, can i please ask, are the DJI Phantom 3 drones still classed as a good drone. Thanks. Health Wishes to all.

Unless it’s a really really good price, I’d save the money and buy a Mini 2, does the same as the P3 and you won’t have problems with spares, batteries etc. It’s also a lot smaller and lighter (242 g v 1,2 kg) and easier to carry about, (stick it in your pocket not a backpack), better transmission range etc etc.


Its a steal of a price, i have got it with 2 batteries and all the gear for £85, slight problem that the camera doesnt connect to my phone butI am sure i can sort that out, for the price that i got the Phantom for, I can sell my Holystone hs720E that is brand new never flown, and be in pocket. hopefully a win win.

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Can’t go wrong for the price of a family meal out, I loved my P3A

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I think this is the standard P3 but still a good price,


Sounds like the gimbal control board has packed up/been damaged. This was a common (and expensive) problem with the P3 Pro, but I’ve never heard of it in a Standard (but sounds like the same problem)

Thank you, I will check it out when i receive it, and then maybe come back and ask for help and advice from you lads, as I havent had one before so any help will be appreciated, I have a good elecrical / mechanical grounding so I am not frightened of having a go at fixing it, just may need some help lol.

He said its taking Video and still shots ok, (see pic with date) but its not connecting to his camera ?? the gimble works ok, in the pic its taking a pic of the date on the magazine 24/07/2021. so I am hoping it could just be a tweak needed. or his phone is duff lol.

s-l500 (2)

Download the manual from here:

It could just be something as simple as a crap usb cable to his phone.

I’ve got a 3 in 1 charger you can have if you want it mate.

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Sorry, I forgot it’s a P3, I don’t think you need a cable, it connects over wifi to the phone.

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Thank you for the link to the Instruction manual, thats very handy, and Yes it connects over wifi to phone, I am hoping that its just his phone that is a bit iffy, and thanks for the offer of the 3 in 1 charger, that was a nice offer,

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No probs mate, the charger’s just sitting on the top of the wardrobe in the back bedroom gathering dust!

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I have not had the DJI Phantom before so its unchartered territory for me, complete ignorance on my point, is the charger you have for a Phantom ?? like i mentioned, I have the Holystone HS720E, its brand new never flown at all, 4K but I prefer the DJI Phantoms, I may see what the Phantom 4 go for and sell mine and get one of them, I will have to research if they are any good,this is my HS720E

Compared to the Holystone the P3 is like a Rover 75 against a Mini Metro (shows my age). The P4 will be like a Lexus. The transmission with the P4 is way better than the P3 and way way way better than the Hstone. The camera is 4K, and you’ve got obstacle avoidance (in the front anyway). I’ve got a P4 and a P4 Pro, and I absolutely love the way they fly and hold the position. The stability is second to none, but you can switch off the gps and use Atti mode if you want.
The charger is for the P3 (uses different charge plugs than the P4) and it will charge 3 batteries togaether unlike the DJI which charges the one with the most charge first, then the next etc.


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Hello Mate.
Hows things, I hope you are well. I received my DJI P3 this morning, if you remember it was sold as spares or repairs because the camera would not link up to the guys phone, well I got it and set it up in the house minus the props so I could learn what I was doing, i downloaded the DJI Go app and Bingo, it set up no problem but what was better still is the camera linked up to my phone via the DJI Go app no problem at all, and the gimble works and the camera goes up and down, so I guess I was very lucky. it has a split in the arm for the phone grip, and it just swings around with the weight of the phone, so I have ordered one its coming from China but it was only £6, I have also ordered a set of Prop Guards. I am going to watch some Youtube Videos now and study the P3. Cheers Mate.

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I’m glad it’s OK mate, you’ll enjoy it a lot more than the Holystone. If you’d said you wanted prop guards, I’ve got loads of them here. I bought some from HobbyKing a few years ago in the sale for about 50p a set, and because I needed to spend another 3 quid or so for free postage, I got a lot more than I wanted/needed. So if you want some more, you know where to come. I think I might have some blades as well, don’t fit anything I’ve got, but if I can find them you can have them.

Hi Mate.
Thats a nice offer thank you very much, I wsh I had known, they cost me £14 lol, oh well, thats the way the cookie crumbles as they say, I have been lucky though with the camera working on the P3 I bought, it must have been a glitch for the guy who sold it, I hevent even flown my Holystone yet, its still brand new in the case and box, I dont know if I should sell it of just keep it, If I sell it, it will bang £200 back into my playing about account, If i keep it, it I will always have it to fly. Ohhhh Quandries lol, I am really looking forward to flying the DJI. just by looking at the set up, looks a lot more interesting than the Holystone.

Hello Mate.
I have just notice that the charger I have with this P3 has only got aconnection for the battery, it doesnt have a connector to charge the controller unit, does the one that you have spare, have a connector to fit the controller unit, If so, I will buy it from you.
Thanks Mate.