Is the No Fly Zone database in DJI GO app or loaded in the drone?


As above, any ideas?



I’d say the controller .
The drone has enough processing to do .


In the drone. That’s where you delete the data from if you mod the drone firmware to … delete NFZs.


There is a “Precise Fly Safe” database in GO4:


looks a bit empty to me


It would usually be populated with higher version numbers than mine :slight_smile:


Higher than …. ZERO … because they don’t do negative version numbers. :wink:


.700 is your friend :wink:


Many thanks guys, I see also DJI have now updated their GEO Zone Map for the UK, Now seems a lot more unrestricted as long as you have clearance from the local ATC


Cannot reiterate enough …y


Get that Chris, however I bought refresh with the M2, so don’t want to root it until that expires.
I am lucky here as the Local SATCO gets drones and the hobby and he would rather know were we are, so a call to ATC normally allows flying close to the base, depending on what they have flying.
The RAF police are another matter though…


I noticed that this week, seems the whole of North and East Yorks is now a ‘tick to agree’ area. I’m pretty sure DJI could make this all geo fenced if they wanted, how shit would that be for the hobby